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Meena's Chili Oil...Aromatic!!

Chili oil is one condiment I need in my kitchen all the time. You'll find me adding it to all my dishes..omlettes, pasta, name it and I will have added it to my favorite dishes! I decided it was about time I figured out how to make it myself. Needless to was easy and you know exactly what ingredients are in the oil! There are so many different ways of making chili oil but I found this to be the easiest and full of taste! Aromatic...I cant wait for you to try it!


2 tbsp corriander seeds

1 large cinnamon stick

5-6 star anise

4 black cardamon pods

5 garlic cloves with the skin

1/3 cup of sichuan peppercorns( has to be sichuan for the flavor)

2 bay leaves

2 tsp cloves

1 inch of ginger sliced

946 ml neutral flavored oil, such as vegetable, canola, peanut. (be careful with peanut oil if you have allergies)

1 cup of thai chili flakes (can use regular chili flakes but may not have the same flavor)

1.5 tbsp black vinegar( see below for substitutes)

2-3 tsp sea salt


Slightly roast the spices in the frying pan..keep stiring to make sure you dont burn them (1 min). Roasting will release the natural oil of the spices.

In a large pot add all the spices and oil. Temperature should be 225 to 250 degrees.

Leave it for 2 hours (keep checking the temperature don't want to get the burning smell or taste). 2 hours is the max for the spice flavor but anywhere 1-2 hours will be fine too!

Turn the heat up to 300 degrees in the last 5 minutes or till it boils

In a large heat proof bowl mix chili flakes, salt and black vinegar. Put aside

Remove the oil and with a strainer pour over the chili mixture. It will bubble and have an amazing aroma.

Let the mixture cool and then pour into mason jars (can last upto 6 months in a airtight container)

*substitute for black vinegar:

-red rice vinegar plus dash of superfine sugar

-balsamic vinegar with a dash of worcestershire sauce(helps cut the sweetness.

-make your own: 1 part balsamic vinegar/1 part red wine vinegar/ 3 parts water

Remember to experiment! There are 4 must ingredients for hot chili oil and the rest are nice to have for flavor! Coriander/cinnamon stick/ star anise/sichuan peppercorns.


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Miammmmmm! Merci Meenu 💝

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