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Margarita Party in the Making..Long overdue!

I've been trying to host a Mexican Margarita evening with friends for about a month but life hasn’t been easy for any of us with the COVID restrictions! I never give last weekend...2 of my bubble besties came over and it turned out to be a crazy kinda night (some would say all my gatherings turn out crazy but life is all about living, loving and laughing) . Margarita's were flowing and tequila bottles emptied! Yes there were only 3 of us! We started with bubbles as it was Diwali and ended with red wine because we ran out of tequila..that is a pretty good night! Food was delicious if I may say so myself: Baked Jalapeno Poppers, Fried Habanero Poppers, fried zucchini, homemade spicy salsa with nachos, Chicken Fajitas, Shrimp Fajitas. Mexican rice was on the list but we never got that far! Lets not forget the margaritas..we can't have a margarita party without the MARGARITAS. There were 3 different types of margaritas, the classic, mango with chili and strawberry. So much tequila and scrumptious! I don't know if it was the alcohol (there were shots in between) or the smooth tequila but these 3 drinks were the beyond delicious! Recipes to follow!

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