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Girls Weekend was flowing and dice were rollin'!

Everyone knows that I love my weekend getaways but there is nothing better then a weekend with some of your favorite people! I had an amazing social distanced weekend with some fabulous women. When I left Toronto the weather was beautiful and then about half way there it got pretty scary. I hate driving at night (glare from oncoming traffic really bothers me) let alone in a thunderstorm! There was a tornado warning for cottage country but even that wasn't going to slow us down. It was a slow and steady drive but the girls had the wine ready to go!

The cottage is in Burk's Falls, Ontario. Burk's Falls is the Almaguin Highlands region of Parry Sound District, Ontario Canada. Its about 265 kilometres from Toronto and 30 minutes north of Huntsville, Ontario. This beautiful town is set amid the fresh water bodies that make Northern Ontario very famous. We were on Three Mile Lake which flows into the main basin of Lake Rosseau via Dee River and Clarke Pond. We were surrounded by peaceful and serene beauty. Mostly surrounded by forest and fronting over the Three Mile Lake's picturesque bays. It was absolutely gorgeous! It even snowed! Oh...and what happens at a girls weekend stays at the girls weekend! No pillow least no pictures that can be shared! :) I can tell you that the Wine was flowing and dice were rollin'! Here are some beautiful pictures of Burk's Falls and surrounding areas. The video was taken at The Brooks Fall Park!.Breathtaking and all in our own backyard! I had to take a picture of the phone booth...can’t remember the last time I saw one!

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Stunning view of the falls and looks like you had a fantastic time with great friends in nature! What could be better??!!

Me gusta
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