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Who needs Redbull when you can have the expresso martini! My goto drink to keep the night going! Of course I don’t really sleep, nor do I normally drink coffee but who says I can't drink it for the sheer pleasure of sweet perfection. I actually don’t have a coffee maker/expresso machine so used instant coffee and whadda ya know, it still put a spring in my step!Note to self: buy a expresso machine!

The expresso martini was created by Richard Arthur “ Dick” Bradsell in 1983 and has all the caffine you need to keep you hoppin'. Story is that a top model was at one of his bars in London and made a special drink request....expresso martini was born. Rest is history and today it is one of the most popular cocktails in the world!


2 oz vodka

½ oz simple syrup

½ oz coffee liqueur(kahlua)

1 oz freshly brewed expresso

Coffee beans for garnish


1. Add all the ingredients to the shaker

2. Add ice and shake vigorously (helps with the foam).

3. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass

4. Garnish with coffee beans(3)


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